Living Labs, Green Campus and Science Parks: student housing facilities

Green Village DelftAttracting talent to your university/ campus or Science Park demands top education, advanced facilities and a first-class student environment.

As competitive top ranked university or institution you are increasingly fighting the battle for talent.  Admitting people to your place means good hostmanship. To better serve your clients’ needs Woodyshousing offer you the service of high-end housing for students and lecturers in your city, on your campus and/ or in direct neighborhood.

As student environment has become an increasingly important factor when choosing a university or Science Park our system and housing solution is ideal for on- and off campus living, guesthouse or university hotel. Living labs ( a combination of study, work, social life) have been proven to be the ultimate environment for top performances and that’s where we can support you: offering you the service while concentrating on the education itself.

Top universities, top students and top education deserves top housing facilities!

High investments in housing are not demanded from you. Our system is brought to you without any financial obligations from your valuable education or facility budgets. Become a good host and a strategic partner of Woodyshousing.

We cooperate with top private and public universities and Science Parks in The Netherlands, in Germany and abroad. Are you next?

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