Are you a student looking for a decent and affordable room?

movingWoodyshousing mean safe, healthy, sustainable, friendly housing at the right places for the right moments.

We offer single studio’s or shared appartments for up to four students. Every building has private and common outdoor space, a garden and terrace, a study area and an urban livingroom where you can meet, eat and succeed. All apartments have own bath and kitchen facilities.

We like you to meet your neighbors: those living next door and those living at the other side of the street. You thought being a student keeps you away from your parents? – It does:-) Anyway: your parents are welcome to visit you and stay in one of the guest lodges for a few nights, too.

Students form an active partner in Woodyshousing concept: as student you

  • become co-owner of a building complex and
  • participate in the selection of new users
  • are active in one of the commissions around your housing
  • have direct influence on the services you want and the rent you pay
  • are expected to feel responsible for your environment

icon-register-now WHIf you wish more information on Woodyshousing or like to know how you can contribute to more studenthousing we like you to contact us.

For Amsterdam and Rotterdam you can soon sign up here:

Curious about the interior? Get a sneak preview here: