offering housing which has a positive influence on people and communities without harming the environment or human condition: therefore we only use sustainable materials, make the best use of natural energy and re-use water in the best way. We fully endorse the Cradle to Cradle – principles from productdesign, production, upcycling and influence on people and environment. Sustainability in all direct and indirect aspects of housing.


people’s health is directly connected with their living and working environment: therefore the building, the modules and the materials are of the best quality without any chemical additives or harmful substanties. We especially put emphasis on a beautiful architecture where dimensions, form, design, colours, light and proportions are in balance with men and nature. Nature is fully integrated in the housing solution by combining outside areas ( balcony, garden, terrasses ) to the living environment. For bigger buildings the concept contains criterias of “feeling home” – architecture which expresses the desire for common spaces used for eating, living, working, playing and relaxing.


people are our most valuable asset. They are our clients, our users, our brain supporters and the ones who live in our Woodys. They form a community of users and are involved in their living environment. They make a building a succes by becoming and remaining our ambassadors. We treat them well.


innovation is fully integrated in the concept by selecting only the best proven techniques and insights on every aspect of housing: our concept combines low-tech with high-tech solutions, is based on the Cradle to Cradle and building biology philosophy, creates a perfect match between permanent and flexible housing and – last but not least – makes people participating in their own living environment.


good housing is a basic human right: therefore the concept guarantees a comparible cost schedule which is affordable, fair and realistic. By involving everybody in all aspects of housing, sharing things and cooperating in services, healthy and attractive housing is made possible on every location. Lean management, transparant responsibilities, smart solutions, common ownership and our community make housing  a new way of life.

Woodyshousing – brings housing to the 21st century