Woodyshousing brings housing to the 21st century.

The product, the philosophy, the values, the proces, the business model, the management, the housing…. everything is a new way of life.

schema WH

Be the architect of your own home: with our easy-to-get-icons it is very transparent what you choose and what you get. The red quadrangle is just the basic icon and reflects the smallest housing module.

Woodyshousing is revolutionary in all aspects and contribute real value to every single persons life as well as to community as a whole. Have a look at the concept yourself:

Woodyshousing Concept

You might call it “nice”and just focus on one aspect which interests you. To us, healthy and sustainable housing is not a question of just one aspect. It is an integral approach towards human welfare, environmental stewardship, healthy environments, social cohesion and profit to stakeholders and communities as a whole.

Trying to put all these noble goals in one housing system and one picture we developed the following icon:

Woody all icons