About us

…looking for a student room for their own daughter in a big Dutch city…. Woodyshousing is a development of two entrepreneurs in sustainable building. With collective experience of more than 30 years in the proces, energy, finance and construction (traditional and ecological) industry they developed a fully integrated housing solution comprising of human architecture, sustainable buildings, healthy materials and comfortable living.


Woodyshousing exists of four business activities in one which makes the business smart, green and lean:

  • real estate development
  • construction + materials + installations
  • exploitation + community building
  • investment + circular business models

Woodyshousing cooperates with highly experienced partners in all aspects of real estate and housing from different countries.

Feel free to contact us for interesting opportunities and challenges.


Theo & Beate Bouwman



Board of Advisors

We are honoured by the support and advise from our experienced and growing board of advisors.

Prof. dr. Henry Robben, dean of strategic marketing of Nyenrode Business University

Stan Hendriks, former VP and general manager of WALT DISNEY Benelux