Cities worldwide face a growing demand for affordable housing.

Wether you are responsible for organizing, facilitating or stimulating more or better housing in your city we help you in an innovative way to do so. While baring the responsibility to meet your city’s present and future demographic housing needs proper housing facilities can support you in emerging the economic, ecologic and social welfare of your city.

Woodyshousing provides you with key assets:

  • optimizing sustainable use of urban space
  • fullfilling immidiate – temporary or permanent – housing demand
  • anticipating on future housing needs
  • optimal collaboratice solution for spacemaking and new urban development
  • supporting social cohesion in urban development plans
  • attracting and keeping talent and fostering economic prosperity
  • anticipating on demographic fluctuations
  • building on a more resilient city

We partner with growing and shrinking cities and see the importance of a balanced housing approach. If you like to get to know more about the way we foster sustainable housing projects, please contact us.


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